We build the future together

of your projects،is Savilaa's goal

At Savila, we bring together and integrate specialized departments with new and creative ideas in the field of consulting, management and implementation. we do


1- Consulting, designing, supervising and implementing all modern interior designs

2. Design, implementation and manufacture of optical equipment and electrical installations

3. Landscape design and execution

4- Modern design, calculation and execution of all interior and exterior views (building, property and passage)

5- Design, calculation and execution of all concrete and steel structures

6- Design and implementation of sauna, pool and Jacuzzi

1- Production line design

2. Design and implementation of packaging systems

3- Design and construction of robotic systems

4- Design and programming of PLC, LOGO and microcontrollers

5. Design and implementation of telecommunication towers

6- Design and implementation of wireless networks

7- Supplying the goods needed by the big industries of the country, including oil, gas and petrochemical industries, power plants, steel, casting

1- Design of hydroponic irrigation system, aeronopic, soil cultivation and implementation

2. Design and implementation of cultivation system

3- Design and execution of all greenhouse structures

4- Design and implementation of climate control systems and wireless air

5- Consulting for the implementation of agricultural flower project

1- Preparing the general schedule of the project according to the contract items

2- Determining the boundaries of sub-programs related to project design, procurement and executive affairs according to the general project plan

3- Controlling sub-project programs using the reports of the planning officials of the related units

4- Determining the project budget and comparing it with the expenses incurred

5- Preparing reports of physical progress and project costs for project management, supervision and execution

6- Gathering information to prepare status statements to present to the employer according to the operations performed

The services and activities of this department will start after the Corona crisis.

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